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I don't do much on Newgrounds anymore, but this would have been something I would have blammed in the portal. No offense.

The only reason I decided to review this is because of the following:
More than 25k views
Daily 5th place, 3-5-05

Kinda creepy.

Although I the song's lyrics were for the most part indistinguishable, I still loved it. The animation was smooth, the song style fit pefectly, the mouths were excellent...

...and I LOVED the ending.

If you get less than a 105%, your teacher has his/her head up his/her ass. That goes way beyond the call of duty.

-- I logged in just to review this --

You have an excellent animation style, but... As for humor, I found none...

I expected a blam. The Mario Coin box told me to blam. The fucking jellybean, for god-sakes, told me to blam! But...

...then the actual movie started. Good thing, too. A few seconds later and I would have hit 0. Instead, you get a 3.

After tonight, the cartoon's not really relevant, but it's still gonna be funny.

DeathRayGraphics responds:

You might need some medication. Neither the box nor the jellybean had a voice track.

Eh, it was alright... The dialogue in the Chief's Hut was hard to follow because "Azula's" white text was placed on a bright yellow fire background. I will admit, though, it was better than I expected.

It was a'ight... Just one "scene," though? I think you could have come up with more.

I like. Ending made me laugh.

The first time through, the music decided to echo itself and sounded baaad. Your shopkeeper isn't a shopkeeper, but I guess I can forgive that since it's a parody. The graphics were a bit distorted, and it felt overall kinda cramped. The arrow keys were irritating; when you were supposed to CLICK the pendant, I tried walking to it instead, which resulted in a restart of the movie.

However, all problems aside, since it was Chrono Trigger it is worthy. Though not laugh-out-loud, it was a bit humorous at times.

Cryokenetic responds:

Yeesh. The arrow key/movement thing never occured to me! I'll try and fix it up somehow.

I gave you a 2. The animation and art is awesome. The sound killed your otherwise 5-worthy animation. When recording your voice, try not to max out the volume.

I have an idea. Though I hate it.

STOP SUBMITTING YOUR FLASHES TO NEWGROUNDS! My reasoning? You could be making SERIOUS money with this, and if you put it out in the world for free, that's a LOT of money you're out. Quit your job and join a professional animation team. Hell, buy it out.

All I want to know, is when are you releasing the DVD? I'd seriously pay $20.00 to see the rest. Damn... I still can't believe what I just saw.

My prediction, when you submit the finished flash (assuming you do), is that you'll emerge from the portal already ranked high enough to take #1 Best Ever. It'll just go up from there. Holy crap holy crap holy crap, I still can't believe that.

... I can't go into the Flash Portal for a while now, thanks to you. I'd blam everything until I readjusted my standards.

(note: they put a max-limit for 10 on everything... I'd have given you 100 / 100 if I could have)

RobsH66 responds:

As enticing as the thought may be of starting a business and making a bunch of money off my movies, I'm only 17 and right now I have too much to worry about (school, applying to colleges, etc.) to have to deal with something like that. I'd rather wait until I'm done with college and I have perfected my technique before I worry about making a career out of this.

As for the DVD- as much as I'd like to put one out, there's the issue of the copyrighted music and nonprofit-use-only 3D models used in the movie. As long as I keep the movie free, I'm fine, but once I start selling it I take the risk of getting into a lot of trouble. I wish I could distribute DVDs for free, but it would cost a great deal of money to make copies for everybody who wanted one, and that's money that I don't have right now.

So for now, just be content with the fact that you're getting all this online for free. :)

If you like my music, then visit my webpage. Since the NG description box is waay too small for music, I decided I'd put up a more in-depth description for each song. Best viewed at 1024x768; uses CSS and frames

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