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I don't do much on Newgrounds anymore, but this would have been something I would have blammed in the portal. No offense.

The only reason I decided to review this is because of the following:
More than 25k views
Daily 5th place, 3-5-05

Kinda creepy.

Although I the song's lyrics were for the most part indistinguishable, I still loved it. The animation was smooth, the song style fit pefectly, the mouths were excellent...

...and I LOVED the ending.

If you get less than a 105%, your teacher has his/her head up his/her ass. That goes way beyond the call of duty.

-- I logged in just to review this --

You have an excellent animation style, but... As for humor, I found none...

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Reviews are meant to criticize, and that is what I will do below. I do want to make note that I mostly enjoyed playing, and that this game has a lot of potential.
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At times, this game had me pounding my head against the wall - but not for any reason a game should:

-Domino placement is very buggy - sometimes just the simple act of placing a domino will cause it to fall over and thus, I have to start over.

-I noticed while trying to create forked paths that the game has a tendency to ignore one or more of the paths, though they all perfectly symmetrically placed.

-Sometimes, the finger pops out and, while attempting to place a new domino, instead knocks one over before the path is complete. I recommend a separate "begin domino effect" button to give the user better control over when Dominoes are knocked over.

-After placing several dominoes, I sometimes forget where the beginning and end of my path lie (in Free Form mode). You might include a directional indicator to show, before a domino is knocked over, which direction the path will run. Not so much an issue in Arcade mode ;)

-Also, on several occasions, pressing "Clear" somehow locks the mouse out - I had to right click to bring the mouse back into focus to place more dominoes.

-Additionally, "Undo" button appears absolutely worthless, as clicking it does not undo any made move.

-The single music track gets very old very fast; kudos for the mute button.

I am aware how difficult a work of this nature is to create. Though I still feel I'm being harsh giving only an overall 7, I can see you have put quite a lot of time into this. However, the problems above prevent me from actually giving any higher. If you fix these items, I would consider this worthy of a 9 or a 10.

Oh, and I'm voting 4 on the 5-point portal scale.

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks for the comments - we're aware there are some issues with the game, just haven't had time to address them fully.

The undo button works - you need to click the domino you want to remove after clicking undo - clicking undo alone won't do anything.

Placing a domino too close to another domino will make it fall over - as you have to assume you are accidently knocking over the adjacent domino piece.

Remember in free play you can save the game at any time - so if you make a mistake, you can undo as many domino placements as you like and try again.

Your game was easy. Of course, I'm not going to try it any harder than "easy" mode because I don't want to die.

My first time around, I ended up shooting myself in the head before any zombies came out... I didn't know what to expect and I saw something move on the screen, so I just crosshaired it up and shot. Neat that you accounted for that.

I gave you a 5/5 just for the size to content ratio. My longest time was 19s.

If you like my music, then visit my webpage. Since the NG description box is waay too small for music, I decided I'd put up a more in-depth description for each song. Best viewed at 1024x768; uses CSS and frames

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